First Aid and basic childcare, facilitator – Leeann Holdsworth

Being responsible for the care and survival of your baby can be very overwhelming for first time parents and caretakers. This workshop is for first time moms, domestic workers and nannies who would like to empower themselves to be equipped with skills to deal with basic and emergency care.

Topics addressed

Basic Child Care:

  1. how many times to change a nappy, feeding, cleaning and what different cries mean

Basic First Aid:

  1. how to help with a burn,
  2. what to do if a child chokes,
  3. how to take a temperature and control a fever,
  4. what to do if you notice an insect bite on your child,
  5. how to treat scrapes and bruises,
  6. what to check for when your child falls or bumps their head and basic CPR skills.

Contact reception at PsychMatters Family Therapy Centre on 011 4503576 or for queries or to book your spot.

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