Princesses or Perverts?

Princesses or Perverts?

When children start to touch or play with their private bits, we‘re often shocked, but this is quite normal. Here‘s why BY ALEXANDRA SCHNEIDER To parents of babies and toddlers, the sexual development of their children may seem like a topic that doesn’t carry much...

Trauma Counselling & Debriefing

Trauma is defined as a unique individual experience triggered by a sudden, external overwhelming event or of persistent overwhelming conditions in which one’s ability to cope is compromised, as one experiences a real or perceived threat to his/her life, bodily...

The Stork Talk

THE “STORK TALK”: A Guide to speak wisely with your child about their Sexuality Facilitator: Joanna Kleovoulou, Clinical Psychologist, Johannesburg For many parents, raising a child is the most gratifying job—and one of the most challenging. Given the high statistics...

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