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Captain your ship Post-Covid: Leadership for Success 

by Joanna Kleovoulou, Clinical Psychologist l Director PsychMatters Centre l .A. Clinical Psychology (Wits) l B.A Honours Psychology (UJ)  l B.A. Honours Business Management  (UFS);  Contributor of Improving Mental Health in the Workplace: KR Publishing experts.

The primary reaction during the Covid-19 pandemic shock by many organisations worldwide has been to just survive and stay alive. The fight-flight-freeze response was very much part of the knee-jerk reactions during that time.

The IMF estimates that the global economy shrunk by 4.4% in 2020. The organisation described the decline as the worst since the Great Depression of the 1930s. There has been a necessity in the shift in leadership needing to adapt swiftly to the pandemic, new capabilities such as cultivating a culture of trust through empathy, building a sense of safety to navigate uncertainty and cultivating innovation through allowing processes of curiosity to unfold so that businesses can thrive and grow despite global disasters. 

Despite all the downsides of the pandemic, it has also presented us with a window of opportunity—to improve the organisation, to make it more relevant in a very new landscape, and to do great things for a world that can use it. But to capitalize on this opportunity, leaders need to focus their teams forward to a new horizon. This can be challenging when so much attention must be paid to keeping things going in the present. But forward-thinking is essential. Reskill your leaders to seize this opportunity.

Encouraging a coaching culture is crucial. The shift to remote working has escalated the need for employee-development training and fewer onsite interactions translates to the need for more effective communication. The pandemic has affected employee morale and work performance. That’s why leaders and managers need to be equipped with the right coaching so they can support team members that will enhance motivation and innovation: personal development, understanding expectations and aligning their goals with the organisations.

Coaching also helps create a culture of resilience by learning how to adapt to challenges as quickly as possible. With the right support structures, executives and managers can be empowered to conquer any challenge.

It’s now time that businesses look to develop their current and future leaders to set their business up for success, and by providing them with timely, relevant and personalised coaching, these leaders will be able to weather any storm or crisis that comes their way.

PsychMatters Centre would like to welcome Charlotte D.  Blignaut – corporate coach (previous affiliate of Forbes). Her areas of interest:

  • Strategising
  • Change management
  • Corporate human resource development through:
    • Neuroscience techniques by taking quantum thinking to the boardroom and beyond
    • Breathwork l meditation l yoga (trained Kundalini master facilitator) 

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