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Dr Sibulelo Qhogwana

Clinical Psychologist


Dr Sibulelo Qhogwana

Clinical Psychologist

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Hi, I am Sibulelo Qhogwana and I am a HPCSA registered Clinical Psychologist, Lecturer and Consultant. I obtained my Masters in Clinical Psychology from UKZN and my PhD in Psychology from UNISA. I have worked for the Department of Health, Corporate organisations and Institutions of Higher Education and Training for the past 19 years.

I speak Xhosa, Zulu and Sesotho fluently and I have extensive experience in offering psychotherapy to Adults, Adolescents and their families. I offer psychotherapy for a wide range of psychological and psychiatric conditions such as Depression, Anxiety, Suicide, Complex Grief and relationship challenges.

I also specialise in Trauma related work and thus treat trauma-related stress and disorders. I offer an eclectic approach with a predominant use of Narrative Therapy, Psychodynamic Interventions and Dialectic Behaviour Therapy.

I have a passion for Woman’s mental health and wellness. I also offer training and consulting services to organisations and companies on Wellness Programmes



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Psycho-Legal Work

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Workshops on:

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Anxiety Disorders

Suicidal Behaviour

Woman Mental Health

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