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You may have been feeling stressed, stuck, anxious, alone, hopeless, worthless and helpless. Perhaps your loved one is struggling to cope? Maybe you are at your wits end in your relationship.

At PsychMatters Family Centre, we have a team of psychologists who can offer you, not only support for life’s challenges but helpful tools to help you cope, adjust to the changes in your life, relieve the distressing and debilitating presenting symptoms.  We are inspired to assist you to grow, to stretch and to live a masterful and inspired life. Recent studies done by the WHO, indicate that 1 in every 3 people will be faced with a mental health condition.

The Team

Meet Our team

Hi there! I’m Joanna Kleovoulou,  a clinical psychologist in private practice, workshop facilitator, speaker, supervisor, wife and mother. I’m  the Founder and Director of PsychMatters Family Centre® in Johannesburg. A space of healing offered by a team of psychologists and other health care providers to assist all to live masterfully.

Joanna Kleovoulou Clinical Psychologist

Clinical Psychologist 

Clinical Psychologist 

Educational Psychologist 

Educational Psychologist 

Make an Appointment to schedule a session. If you would like to book and pay for your session immediately click Book Online Now. At PsychMatters Family Centre we provide online and face-to-face psychotherapy and we are able to assist anyone no matter where you are in the world.

No more suffering and mental anguish. Start your journey of healing, letting go and growing to your fullness by making contact with us.

Click on the Appointment button or schedule a session right now with the Book Online button. If you are still unsure about psychotherapy click on our resources button for free information to get started.

Areas We Can Help You With

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Parenting Plans

Power Talks

Trauma Therapy

Play Therapy

BWRT Therapy

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Our Values

At the PsychMatters family centre, we deal with matters of the mind and we value psychology as an integral and significant part of our well-being.

Our logo of the tree is symbolic of what is vital for wellbeing – integration of left and right brains, masculine and feminine, yin and yang, shadow and light aspects of self for integrity, rootedness and heritage, family connections, symbiotic systems that work together to co-create life and existence, creativity performance, and wisdom of the higher self.

Heal Yourself With Supportive Care And Treatment

Our team of psychologists at PsychMatters family centre offer supportive care and treatment for both children and adults. From helping children with their mental development from an early stage to providing therapy and consultation to adults suffering from stress, PTSD, or any other mental illness, our therapists and psychologists are determined to help everyone recover from their problems and trauma. We believe that acknowledging your need for mental healthcare is the first step to a happy life. Book an appointment with us and begin your journey of recovery and self-care.

Our Partners

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Youth Empowerment Seminar - Y.E.S! Be a Living Legend!

Youth Empowerment Seminar - Y.E.S! Be a Living Legend!
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Trauma l PTSD l EMDR l CBT I PsychMatters For PTSD

Trauma l PTSD l EMDR l CBT I PsychMatters For PTSD Youtube Video
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Play Therapy

PsychMatters Play Therapy
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Morning Live - The impact of divorce on children

The impact of divorce on children
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Words From Happy Clients

Hear from some of  our patients who have received support and care

The talk was an eye-opener to me. Feel more confident to talk openly to the children I teach and even my own children. Thanks it was great!!!
Teacher and Mother
Pre-School Teacher
Absolutely informative – quick easy session of sharing such valuable information. A must for all parents!
from Dunvegan Nursery School
I gained some wonderful insights into Play Therapy and getting more connected with my kids. I am inspired to try a few practical tips I learnt from this workshop
Mother of 3
Joanna is a compassionate and kind professional, whose sessions are always productive and insightful. She has helped me cope with many life struggles and walked me through the journey of personal growth and psychological healing. Joanna’s approach makes me feel safe and comfortable, and she has created and maintained a peaceful environment in her room and in the practice as a whole. She has a kind and gentle nature; combining this with her extensive knowledge and expertise make her an incredible psychologist for whom I will be forever grateful.’

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The Wisdom of Trauma Companion Booklet

The Wisdom of Trauma Companion Booklet
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English, Afrikaans, Greek, Sotho, Tswana and Zulu

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