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Hila Carlin

Senior Social Worker


Hila Carlin

Senior Social Worker

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Hi, my name is Hila Carlin , a registered social worker with 18 years of experience working in the clinical social workspace. I’m currently counseling at PsychMatters Family Centre, in Bedfordview.


I obtained my Bachelor of Arts in Social Work in 2004 at UNISA. My special interest is working with adults and children going through (or have already been through) divorce, as well as those for whom co-parenting is a challenge. I am a trained Divorce Mediator and can facilitate the drawing up of Parenting Plans as well as the Child’s Voice/Child Participation interview.



My services at PsychMatters Centre® include:

Divorce Mediation, Parenting plans, Parenting Co-ordination, Divorce support and co-parenting guidance

Parenting capacity assessments and Forensic social work and report-writing with respect to children’s court enquiries (including but not limited to care and contact; guardianship issues etc) Facilitation of divorce support groups

I have sound knowledge of the Children’s Act as well as all aspects of care and contact as it relates to children. I provide face-to-face as well as online consultations and Divorce co-parenting groups for parents.  I am registered with the Board of Health Funders as well as the South African Council for Social Service Professionals.



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Divorce Mediation

Parenting plans

Parenting Co-ordination

Divorce support and co-parenting guidance

Parenting capacity assessments

Forensic social work and report-writing

Facilitation of divorce support groups






Forensic Social Work


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