By Joanna Kleovoulou, Clinical Psychologist

How many of you including myself, have heard yourselves postponing your sense of happiness, contentment and joy to a time when you would have achieved your next goal, reached your ideal weight, got your dream job, or got yourselves a new partner, or new home or a new whatever it may be… You end up feeling like you are on a treadmill at its highest setting trying to catch up to happiness.

This frame of mind postpones the feeling of contentment and happiness to a never-ending chase for something more, with the starting point of not having enough in the here-and-now or not being present with what you already are and have. Reading stories of people who have experienced a major disaster, trauma or devastation, many “victims” describe their resilience by having a mental state by being grateful that they have survived , despite those challenging circumstances – a healthy mental state of being, rather than having something, or becoming something or doing something to make you happier.

So happiness is then not a set of preferred circumstances, but being present in the journey called life. Make a list, review it daily and put some into practise – of the natural highs that already exist in your life. You decide. As for me, I’m off to munch on some popcorn. Blissful.

Special Note:
Read feature article in Living and Loving, March 2012, on “Choices, when is your child ready to make decisions”, Joanna Kleovoulou, Clinical Psychologist.

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