Family Therapy is a field of Psychotherapy that assists families and couples to foster change and growth, with the aim to achieve healthy relations between parent and child; siblings and couples. The general focus towards a solution, involves the whole family through direct participation in the therapy sessions, regardless of the cause of the presenting problem, or whether the problem is perceived as an “individual” or “family” issue. The therapist or psychologist attempts to evoke conversations between family members in a manner that address the needs of the family as a unit, catalyses the strengths and support of the system, and to address patterns that maintain dysfunctional interactions.

Through working with the family as a whole system, our approach is rooted in the belief that individuals as well as relationships are interconnected. These relationships shape and impact one another within the family. Family therapy may also involve work with smaller sub- systems, which may include siblings and parent s as well as their relationships.

Family therapy works effectively when families or individuals within the family structure experience inter alia:

  • Relationship difficulties within the family system;
  • Psychological Disorders (E.g. Addictions, Eating Disorders, Depression, Anxiety, etc)
  • Dealing with Crises or transitions (Separation, Divorce, Step-families-Blended families, Death)

For further bookings, it is recommended that the adult or parental figures consult initially with the psychologist to gain an understanding of the presenting concerns and with the psychologist decide whether Family Therapy is the treatment of choice.

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