Facilitator: Joanna Kleovoulou, Clinical Psychologist

divorce and impact on children
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Separated? Divorced? Co-Parenting? Stuck in the pain, anger and bitterness? Are you committed to empowering yourself and your child to master this life-changing event?

It is a defining moment for anyone experiencing a Divorce. How this will impact you and your family, depends on how you choose to see and to deal with the challenges that the divorce has left.

As it is well-documented, divorce is recognised as a stressful life event usually affecting the adults involved, however, a child of divorced parents also experience stress, but lacks the emotional expression, mental understanding and coping skills to adjust to this major stressful life event.

Would you love to learn how to:

  • Tell your child about your divorce in the most effective way
  • Understand how you and your child experience divorce
  • Assist you to identify and address potential problems early
  • View divorce in a new light in order to destigmatise and facilitate the healing process
  • best communicate and deal with the effect the divorce will have on your child
  • Gain some tips for parents going through a divorce
  • Address Co-Parenting
  • Address Blended families (step-families)

To book your spot with the psychologist contact reception on info@psychmatters.co.za or 0114503576.

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