Facilitator: Clinical Psychologist & Director – Joanna Kleovoulou

Separated? Divorced? Co-Parenting? Stuck in the pain, anger and bitterness? Are you committed to empowering yourself and your child to master this life-changing event? Ages: any adult for 4 hours (individuals, parents, teachers)

Would you love to learn how to:

  • Tell your child about your divorce in the most effective way
  • Understand how you & your child experience divorce
  •  Assist you to identify & address potential problems early
  •  View divorce in a new light in order to destigmatise & facilitate the healing process
  • best communicate & deal with the effect the divorce will have on your child
  • Gain some tips for Divorcing Parents
  • Address Co-Parenting & Address Blended families (step-families)

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Contact PsychMatters Centre on info@psychmatter.co.za or reception on 011 450 3576 for more information

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