A committed partnership or a marriage can be one of the most rewarding kind of relationships, yet many couples are left feeling isolated, hurt and resentful, creating emotional and physical distance between them. Couples are faced with demanding lifestyles, financial and work stress, as well as the demands of parenting and sexual difficulties which impacts on the ability to be truly intimate with one another. When a sense of hopelessness infiltrates the relationship, and couples lose sight of each other, many couples opt for divorce, or termination of the relationship.

With Couples Counselling (which includes marriages, unmarried partners, homosexual partners), the trained Psychologist creates a safe, non-judgemental space between the couple to address the wounds of the past, current hurts, destructive patterns and dynamics, in order for healing to be facilitated and to co-create and negotiate the kind of rewarding relationship both desire that is trusting, loving and fulfilling. The duration of Couple’s Counselling can be long or short term – depending on what the needs of the couple are, which is explored during the first evaluation session with the Psychologist. Through understanding Imago principles (what the underlying perfect magnetic attraction is) the couple learn that they are each other’s healers for wholeness and personal growth, .and to use conflict constructively to reach a new sense of stability, as well as assisting the couple to re-connect on all levels.

Couples Counselling addresses:

  • Enrichment for your current relationship
  • Preparing for the next step of commitment
  • Conflict-resolution in your relationship

Effective Communication Tools in order to:

  • Feel understood and to understand
  • Meet each other’s needs
  • Address expectations
  • Co-create life goals and values
  • Difficulties with sexual concerns and intimacy
  • Unfulfillment in your relationship
  • Life-transitions affecting your relationship

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