Psychometrist – Marzenna Almendro

Registered Psychometrist, Marzenna Almendro

B.A. Hons (Psychology) PMT 0084476

Marzenna registered as a psychometrist with the South African Health Professions Council in 2010. She completed her undergraduate degree at the University of Johannesburg, and due to work commitments, switched to UNISA to complete her postgraduate studies. Marzenna volunteered at the South African Depression and Anxiety Group (SADAG) in 2008 to gain experience in counselling, and was afforded opportunities to represent SADAG during school and corporate talks, radio interviews and other functions.

Marzenna went onto complete her practical hours at a reputable psychometric consultancy gaining a wealth of experience in psychometric assessments in the work place, as well as career counselling. She was involved in testing, compiling reports, giving feedback to candidates (from management to exco-level) as well as their HR consultants. Other responsibilities she encompassed included research, marketing, compiling the company monthly newsletter, training, and running the Johannesburg and Cape Town Holistic departments.

With a passion for media, Marzenna has dabbled in radio and television from 2005 whilst completing her studies. It was with this enthusiasm that inspired her to return to radio in 2011 for two reasons: as an outlet for her extraverted tendencies, and to gain experience working within a massive corporate by running the national radio station for Pick n Pay.

She has been consulting after hours as well as attending courses to keep up to date with the latest psychology trends and test development during her ‘radio stint’. Marzenna has gained invaluable marketing experience, and furthermore, a deeper understanding of the dynamics of a business and retail giant. “Nothing was more frustrating for me than being able to apply only theory when giving feedback to giving CFO’s, Managing Directors, HR practitioners and the like. I craved being able to intrinsically understand the working environments of my clients, which I feel I’ve gained working within Pick n Pay,” she says.

Armed with practical experience in business, a continued love for her field and a maturity that only years in the work-force awards one with, Marzenna now works in private practice. She offers the corporate client a selection of cognitive and personality psychometric assessments to ensure the best match between job applicant and vacancy.

For the private client, Marzenna assists one to look at what their capabilities, interests, personality traits and values are when deciding what career path to choose. Confucius said “Find a job that you love and you will never work a day in your life”. Marzenna not only lives by this premise herself, but she assists youngsters (and those who are not-so-young but need a change) to do the same.

She also has a special interest in children in assisting them to reach their full potential. As a trained Play Attention ® Practitioner, she assists children and adults to learn and master the cognitive and behavioural skill to focus, concentrate and be attentive to the tasks at hand. She received her Neuro-bio-edu-feedback training (Play Attention ®) which is a an integrated educational attention training computerized system employing a combination of brainwave energy monitoring, cognitive skills exercises, and behavior shaping techniques.

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