Clinical Psychologist – Chael

Chael Nel has been in private practise for a number of years. He provides counselling in Afrikaans and English and has worked with racially diverse individuals. He has assisted more than 300 adults, couples, teenagers and children in psychotherapy and counselling. Some areas of counselling that he has worked with include, anxiety, depression, relationships, self-esteem, parental guidance, bereavement, job stress, trauma and a wide variety of other issues.

He works with an individualised treatment plan, according to what the person and the situation requires. Although the focus and psychotherapy process is unique for each individual – relationships and the interface between emotions and thinking/problem-solving – are key components of each of his consultations. Although his general approach is a psychoanalytically-informed psychotherapy, he draws on Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Neuro-Linguistical Programming (NLP) – known for an important synthesis of knowledge about human communication – and other approaches to best fit counselling to each client’s needs and understanding of his or her world.

His counselling focuses on:

  • increased mindfulness
  • enhanced self-understanding
  • desired personal growth
  • connecting to one’s inner resourcefulness and
  • the development of healthy coping skills.

Chael works together with the client towards goal-setting in a context of confidentiality and trust.

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