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Charlotte D Blignaut

Corporate l Business l Executive Coach


Charlotte D Blignaut

Corporate l Business l Executive Coach

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Hi, I’m Charlotte D Blignaut, (also known as The Muse). I am an NLP Master Practitioner, Executive Coach in private practice, an author, workshop facilitator, speaker, Level 2 Kundalini Yoga and Meditation teacher.


What do Richard Branson, Oprah Winfrey, Elon Musk, JT Foxx, Ingrid Van Der Veldt and Jim Carrey have in common? They disrupt and walk the talk!

Do you want to:

Learn to be resilient

Become an empowered change master

Learn innovative thinking

In 2020, Forbes – a global media company, focusing on business, investing, entrepreneurship, leadership, technology and lifestyle – invited me to be a Coaching Council Member where I wrote many articles on leadership for change. Read more:

I have developed and own a world-first in laser-fast, easy, self-E-coaching transformational tools – Emotion In Motion® and the Hidden Genius™ – to empower transformational thinking.  I have produced podcasts on Emotion in Motion® which can be accessed on Amazon.

In association with PsychMatters Centre® in Bedfordview, Johannesburg South Africa, I provide corporate, business and executive coaching as well as empowering workshops. To book me for online consultations contact PsychMatters Centre® at: or +27629758442. Special arrangements can be made for onsite coaching.


I thrive in awakening and inspiring the Genius within each of us.  The quantum shift to heart-centred transformation where innovation and strategic thinking result in more inner freedom.  This directly and immediately influences boardrooms and lifestyles.  Transformational thinking is your birthright and it is essential for human evolution.  My area of interests includes both left and right brain, embodied learning, empowering voices, inspiring change and encouraging the concepts of neuroscience and neuroplasticity. Entrepreneurial Business-Building Topics include: Resilience, Independence, Stress & Burnout, Relational Capital, Feminine Empowerment, Communication, Becoming an Entrepreneur SI: Gauteng Circle Leader EBW2020 (Empowering Billion Women by 2020, global org) 


Bespoke topics – Whatever it takes to gently empower and change your world. Some workshops presented in the past:

Coaching-styled communication

Stress and Vitality


Genius topics

Women Empowerment: I am Woman series:  Hear me Roar, Hear my Voice, See me


My areas of interest are strategising for an empowered future, using techniques that include the fullness of being present, using #body4brains, neuroscience, movement, yoga, meditation, breathwork, encompassing the whole human to create an authentic life rooted in truth – strategies to evolve the genius within, and taking quantum thinking to the boardroom.

“As co-lecturers on the self-mastery programme at Wits Business School, looking forward to shaping future leaders and enabling their inner hidden genius in 2020. Charlotte has an innate inner gift for coaching and her highly evolved practice will be immensely valuable to our students.”  George Woods – Senior Lecturer Wits Business School.


Qualified Executive, Business and Life Coach

Neuro-Semantics Business and Life Coach

NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Master Practitioner

Honours degree in Corporate Governance (NQF8)

Neuroscience for Coaching – University of Pretoria

Face Profiling/Physiognomy

Outcome-based training and registration, (ETDP SETA)



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