Darrian Long

Clinical Psychologist


Darrian Long

Clinical Psychologist

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Hi, my name is Darrian Long, a registered clinical psychologist, in private practice. I’m currently counseling at PsychMatters Family Centre, in Bedfordview.

I obtained two Master’s degrees in Psychology: Clinical Psychology (UP) and Research Psychology (WITS).


My undergraduate and postgraduate experiences, that have fostered in me a sociological mindedness, with a sense of social responsibility, specific to the South African context. Such a mind-set has translated into my concern for sustainable psychological intervention, especially regarding the family-work-and-cultural/social interplay.


I completed internship and community service years at, Sterkfontein Psychiatric Hospital.

I worked both in the general psychiatric context and the forensic context. This exposure helped me hone both my clinical and therapeutic skills—regarding assessments, case-conceptualisation, formulation and strategic intervention.

My training included child psychotherapy (using Theraplay to broker the caregiver-child interaction). Adult and adolescent psychotherapy, cognitive and neuropsychological assessments, the use of personality inventories and the use of various projective psychotherapeutic tools.


I have a keen interest in psychodynamic therapy, but  broadly trained to facilitate a therapeutic interaction that is client-centred and dynamic.

I considers the importance of language in the description of life difficulties, in order to assist clients in reframing their life experiences and allowing for the process of psychological empowerment.

Furthermore, i have interest in psychological work on gender, sexualities and queer identities.



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  • Face to Face
  • Available Online
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  • Assessments
  • Adult counselling
  • Case-Conceptualisation
  • Strategic Intervention.
  • Child Psychotherapy
  • Psychodynamic Therapy
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  • Psychotherapy
  • Cognitive 
  • Neuropsychological
  • Therapeutic skills
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