Adult Psychotherapy – Counselling: what is it?

Psychotherapy or Counselling is a therapeutic process that takes place when a client seeks talk-therapy with a trained psychologist, in a private, confidential, respectful and an accepting space to address and explore difficulties the client is presenting with, that is causing symptoms that may affect personal, family, social, career and other significant areas of the client’s life.
Our trained psychologists assist you, the client, to explore your thoughts, feelings, behaviour and relationships with your inner self, significant others, socially through the facilitation of a psychologist and any distress experienced due to life stressors. Recognising that you may need the assistance of an expert, is a courageous step in improving your life situation. Psychotherapy or counselling, is a well-researched process in which a wide range of problems are addressed. Counselling or Psychotherapy assists in addressing underlying causes, relieving symptoms, creating awareness, providing skills to restore psychological and emotional well-being and to assist in gaining control over your life.  It assists in making more empowered choices.
Psychotherapy (therapy) or Counselling assists with a wide range of difficulties or problems:

  1. Coping with life changes or stress (related to all areas such as self, mental, emotional, body or physical, work or career, relationships, financial)
  2. Decision-making, Planning, Goal-setting
  3. Emotional distress (feeling overwhelmed, not coping with intense emotions, especially when the distress is persistent, long-lasting and interferes with your capacity to cope and function in your everyday life.)
  4. Clinical Disorders such as Depression (Major Mood Disorder or Clinical Depression, Post Natal Depression, Bipolar Mood Disorder); Anxiety (Panic, excessive worries, Generalised Anxiety Disorder, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Phobias, Social Anxiety); Attention Deficit (Hyperactivity)Disorder; Sexual Disorders (sexual desire, sexual dissatisfaction, sexual impairment); Eating Disorders (Bulimia, Anorexia)
  5. Emotional Intelligence (Self-improvement, Assertiveness, Conflict Management, Anger Management, Resilience, Self-awareness, Effective Communication)
  6. Illness (Terminal or Acute illness, Physical Pain) and that of a family member or significant other
  7. Major life changes (Death, Loss, Divorce, Relocation)
  8. Personal growth or development (learn more about yourself, others, perceptions, personal satisfaction, reaching full potential, reaching aspirations, life purpose)
  9. Relationship Difficulties (Spouse, Partner, Family member, Parent-Child, Colleague, Siblings, Social Relationships or Friends, Separation, Divorce, Co-habiting)
  10. Support or Psycho-education or Referral to appropriate expert to get help needed
  11. Transitions or Adjustment
  12. Trauma, Abuse (Physical, Sexual, Emotional, Vicimisation)

Our trained psychologist assists you to assess and identify the root of your difficulties, and facilitate understanding and awareness to empower your to improve your situation, relieve your symptoms, increase life satisfaction and well-being, coping, adjusting and making the necessary changes to achieve your goal set in the therapeutic setting. The duration of the therapy process depends on many factors, and is tailored to each individual client, the presenting concern, the depth of the problem, how persistent it has been, resilience and previous coping and so forth.

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