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The ending of another year often leaves us feeling frantic to get to complete our over-extended to-do-lists, “wrapping” up of not only a long list of presents but also work responsibilities and family commitments. Before we can blink our eyelids, the festive holidays have set in and instead of being happy and relieved for the much-needed break, we are over-stressed and overwhelmed with what still needs to be done, and concerned with over-indulging and over-spending on our families, children and friends. We then forget what the real meaning of this “very merry holiday” is all about, no matter what denomination or what belief we come from. The true spirit of this time is to remember who we truly are, what this season stands for and capture the spirit of the holidays in order to recognise who we are and feel revived for the turning of a new year. Below are some tips to make your Holiday “Merrier”:

M – Make a gift from the heart: Giving something that has taken you time to create can lift your spirits, make you feel good and leave the recipient feeling real special for the sentimental value and special effort you made in making something for them and it will not add stress to your budget. For example, recycle an old jam jar by adding nuts in them, cover with brown paper for the lid and stick a note that says “I am nuts about you because…”

E – Encircle your time with the people that you love. Take advantage of this time to reconnect with friends and family, and enjoy the fellowship. – invite friends and family for a garden picnic sharing together lovely memories and experiences that bring a smile to you your faces. At the picnic get the group to engage in a fun activity where everyone can enjoy making their own festive wreaths which symbolises the circle of life, the circle of family and the circle of friendship. If you are lonely this holiday, feeling sad and depressed, contact us on 011-4503576 or 0730697534 for an emergency.

R – Request list, make or a wish-list – take time to dream big about all the things (big and small) that you request for your life. Just maybe, ‘What we think about comes about.’

R – Reach for the stars: set some time aside to set goals for yourself about what you would like to achieve for the New Year. As 2012 draws to a close, it is vital for us and our children to reflect on 2012 and recognise our achievements. Place your goals on paper, with a time-line to them to give you a sense of direction.

Y – Yell out any frustrations that you have been carrying for the year and in your past. Find a spot when you can make time to be alone, and let go of any past pain that is weighing you down and leaving you tired and frustrated.

H – Happy moments: Instead of being irritable and resenting the commercial aspect to this time, put a smile on your face and hum a tune to relax that brain. Being cheerful during this time will help you enjoy this time for what it represents.

O – Offer assistance: This is in the spirit of spreading joy, kindness and beauty during this season. Maybe you can volunteer at a shelter, or maybe you could help with a local toy drive or food drive for those who have less than you do. Whether you believe in Christmas or not, giving your time to make a difference adds great value to your psyche and builds a sense of worth.

L – Love – That is what Life is all about…

I – Introspection of the past year: being able to reflect on the past year about the challenges and the gifts of the year leaves you feeling balanced mentally and emotionally and gives you the perspective to move forward with greater ease.

D – Develop yourself: personal growth is part of what motivates us as a human race, expanding ourselves to our highest good and fullest potential. Start demonstrating this aspect of yourself to your own life by planting a tree or a pot-plant and set out the intention of what areas in your life you would like to grow or let go of that do not serve you. Watch your plant grow and bloom to its fullness whilst you nurture and feed it – as a reminder to feed your soul.

A – Attend to the beauty and magic that is already around and within you.

Y – Yawn, stretch and take time to relax your mind, body and soul by taking deep breaths in to move the oxygen to all parts of you.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our Clients for continued support throughout the years. We wish you a peaceful holiday and well over the festive season.

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