Luca's Story - Play Attention
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Luca has always appeared to be a “bright child” but struggled to channel his intellectual capacity into everyday school tasks. His marks didn’t reflect his true potential. He found it difficult to ‘focus’ because he was focused in the classroom and tried hard. So why was he struggling?

As Luca is a bright student, he became bored very quickly in environments that presented him with low stimuli. He loves subjects such as maths and science, but could not maintain his focus and would lose attention in the mundane classroom environment.

Fast forward a few months after starting the Play Attention programme in June 2013 and the change has been dramatic. Luca has not only earned better marks at school, but has demonstrated a notable improvement in his sporting ability according to his dad. Luca is now able to focus in a variety of situations – no matter how mundane or ‘boring’ they may be.

The team at Psych Matters is incredibly proud of Luca’s continued effort and dedication to the Play Attention programme, and salutes him for his progress thus far!

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