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Clinical Psychologist Darrian Long

Welcome Darrian Long, Clinical Psychologist to the PsychMatters family.

Darrian Long is a registered Clinical Psychologist, in private practice. He has two Master’s degrees in Psychology: Clinical Psychology (U.P) and Research Psychology (WITS). His undergraduate and postgraduate experiences have fostered in him a sociological mindedness, with a sense of social responsibility specific to the South African context. Such a mind-set has translated into Darrian’s concern for sustainable psychological intervention, especially regarding the family-work-and-cultural/social interplay.

Darrian completed internship and community service years at Sterkfontien Psychiatric Hospital. He worked both in the general psychiatric context and the forensic context. This exposure helped him hone both his clinical and therapeutic skills—regarding assessments, case-conceptualisation, formulation and strategic intervention. His training included child psychotherapy – play therapy (using Theraplay to broker the caregiver-child interaction), adult and adolescent psychotherapy, cognitive and neuropsychological assessments, the use of personality inventories and the use of various projective psychotherapeutic tools.

Darrian has keen interest in psychodynamic therapy, but is broadly trained to facilitate a therapeutic interaction that is client-centred and dynamic. He considers the importance of language in the description of life difficulties, in order to assist clients in reframing their life experiences and allowing for the process of psychological empowerment. Furthermore, Darrian has interest in psychological work on gender, sexualities and queer identities.

 Darrian works on Saturdays with adults and children to assist and accommodate people that struggle with week-day therapy sessions. He can be contacted at PsychMatters on 0114503576 or info@psychmatters.co.za  to book your psychotherapy counselling consultation.

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