Shakeel's Story - Play Attention

Play Attention

Shakeel started with the Play Attention Programme in March 2013. Even at seven years old, Shakeel is a bit of a perfectionist, and not getting the results he wanted was frustrating for him. He didn’t know how to “zone in” on the task at hand given to him, and ignore all outside interferences in the classroom environment.

After a few months of attending the Play Attention programme, the change in Shakeel’s concentration was noticeable. Shakeel has learned to …

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Luca's Story - Play Attention

Luca has always appeared to be a “bright child” but struggled to channel his intellectual capacity into everyday school tasks. His marks didn’t reflect his true potential. He found it difficult to ‘focus’ because he was focused in the classroom and tried hard. So why was he struggling?

As Luca is a bright student, he became bored very quickly in environments that presented him with low stimuli. He loves subjects such as maths and science, but could not maintain his focus and would lose attention in the mundane classroom environment.

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Parenting Wisely Workshop

The sessions were informative, structured and gave direction on how to address issues in my life and improve the relationship with my children.

I gained some wonderful insights into Play Therapy and getting more connected with my kids. I am inspired to try a few practical tips I learnt from this workshop. – anaesthetist mother of 3

The workshop presented by Joanna is very informative and certainly assists with every day occurrences and techniques, which were very practical and one can relate to the practical examples given. The suggestions and techniques are valuable tools to guide and assist and give parents an opportunity to really connect with and understand the behaviour projected by the child and indeed an understanding of one’s own values and how we go about parenting. Joanna is very professional and articulate giving much needed insight and help. Thank you so much, I have learnt a few things that could shift my current situation at home in terms of effective parenting with love and not fear-based. –  single parent of a special needs child

Informative, eye-opening regarding the use of simple techniques. – father

The Stork Talk: a guide to talk to your child wisely about their sexuality

The talk was an eye-opener to me. Feel more confident to talk openly to the children I teach and even my own children. Thanks it was great!!! – teacher and mother of a pre-primary school

Helped us dealing with sex, our kids and children in school. – teacher

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