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The PsychMatters name has dual meaning – that psychology is an integral and significant part of our well-being, and that our family centre deals with matters of the mind. The tree in our logo is symbolic of integration, roots and heritage, family connectedness, inter-connected symbiotic systems that work together magically to co-create life and existence, creativity performance, and WISDOM of the higher self. The left part signifies our mental, analytical, networks, detail and systems whilst the right reflects our own ability to be creative, playful and full. PsychMatters Centre™ offers a range of psychological services that caters for everyone’s needs: Our committed and dynamic team of clinical/educational psychologists and psychometrists reflects our vision to empower and heal children, teens, adults, couples and families, so they can live magnificently.

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Individual Therapy

Individual Therapy for all ages

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  • Strat Session for your Life!
  • Parenting Wisely Simple Steps to Success
  • Beat the Bullying
  • The “Stork Talk”A guide to talk wisely with your child about their sexuality
  • Confident Kidz (ages 8 to 13years)
  • Teen – I’m a Legend ( ages 14 to 19 years)
  • Deal with Divorce
  • Power of Self-Care
  • Other Power Talks (various tailor-made topics for your needs)

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