Facilitator: Joanna Kleovoulou (Clinical Psychologist)

A legend is said to be one that inspires; an inspirational and extra-ordinary human being living life with purpose.

Your Teen will gain:

  •  Self-insight
  • Emotional control & Resilience
  •  Useful Thinking styles
  • Choices
  • Effective communication
  •  Listening & speaking to understand
  •  Finding & living with purpose
  • Authenticity; Leadership
  •  Self-motivation & discipline
  •  Values of respect & tolerance

Ages: 14-19 years, full day workshop, 9am-5pm

Fee: R2000, Early Bird R1600

2. Beat the Bullying

Facilitator: Joanna Kleovoulou (Clinical Psychologist)

Whether bullied or the bully, Bullying is a problem that affects us all.

In this Power Talk you will learn about:

  • Types of Bullying (Cyber, Physical, Verbal, Emotional & Sexual)
  • Signs
  • Rights & Responsibilities
  •  How to see Bullying as an opportunity to realign the imbalance of power
  •  How to teach yourself & your child to be assertive & masterful
  • Life Lessons for growth

Ages: any adult for 2 hours (individuals, parents, teachers)

Fee: R500, Early Bird R450

3. Dealing with Divorce: Mastering the Experience

Facilitator: Joanna Kleovoulou, Clinical Psychologist

Separated? Divorced? Co-Parenting? Stuck in the pain, anger and bitterness?

Are you committed to empowering yourself and your child to master this life-changing event? Would you love to learn how to:

  • Tell your child about your divorce in the most effective way
  • Understand how you & your child experience divorce
  •  Assist you to identify & address potential problems early
  • View divorce in a new light in order to destigmatise & facilitate the healing process
  •  best communicate & deal with the effect the divorce will have on your child
  • Gain some tips for Divorcing Parents
  •  Address Co-Parenting & Address Blended families (step-families)

Ages: any adult for 2 hours (individuals, parents, teachers)

Fee: R500, Early Bird R450

4. THE “STORK TALK”: A Guide to speak wisely with your child about their Sexuality

Facilitator: Joanna Kleovoulou, Clinical Psychologist

Children who report having good conversations with their parents about sex are more likely to delay sexual activity, have fewer partners, and use condoms and other contraceptives when they do have sex. Would you love to:

  •  Give your child a healthy, positive, respectful view of human intimacy?
  •  Be able to talk together about THE MOST intimate subject without fear?
  • Prevent distorted views from the outside world?
  • Take the initiative – finding teachable moments
  •  Know when the right time to talk;
  • Understand Sexual exploration vs. Sexual Acting out
  •  Talk more than just the birds and the bees & Keep your child safe

Ages: any adult for 2 hours (individuals, parents, teachers)

Fee: R500, Early Bird R450


PARENTING WISELY is a training workshop for Parents to learn empowering ways about family dynamics, understanding their children and misbehaviour, as well as skills to teach parents to assist their children to be confident, masterful and gain self-control in their world. A must for parents with young children (0-12 years).

You will learn to:

  • Understand disempowered Parenting Styles & the need to change
  •  Re-establish Parental Control
  • Understand misbehavior
  •  Letting go
  • Alleviate Parental guilt
  • Assist your child to gain self-control, gain confidence, self-worth & independence & Improve family relationships

Ages: any adult for a full day workshop 9am-5pm (individuals, parents, teachers)

Fee: R1700, Early Bird R1500


Facilitator: Joanna Kleovoulou (Clinical Psychologist)

Healthy self-esteem is a child’s armour against the challenges of the world. Children who feel good about themselves seem to have an easier time handling conflicts, coping with life, making friends and socialising, resisting negative pressures by making healthy choices. A group process to learn to:

  •  relate to others
  •  develop social skills
  •  building esteem and
  • an opportunity for catharsis

Ages: 8-13 year-olds

Fee: R2000, Early Bird R1600

7. Building your Emotional Resilience (EQ)

Facilitator: Joanna Kleovoulou, Clinical Psychologist

Feeling unproductive, de-motivated?

Struggling to deal with conflict?

Your relationship with yourself or with others in discord?

Stressed out and feeling lost?

“If we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give others permission to do the same.” Nelson Mandela Inaugural Speech.

Being Emotionally Aware allows you to be able to:

  • Manage your own emotions effectively which facilitates harmonious interaction with others
  • Allows you to recognise your worth
  • Take responsibility for your life
  •  Being able to cope with what life hands you and live with a sense of purpose

In this workshop you will gain:

  • a holistic perspective of yourself
  • healthier personal relationship-building
  • a sense of emotional balance
  • managing stress
  • setting healthy boundaries and making healthy choices in terms of your value systems
  • Self- motivation
  • A better way to deal with change
  • Goal-setting and
  • A sense of purpose

Venue: PsychMatters Family Therapy Centre, 9 Park Str, Bedfordview, Jhb

Fee: R500, Early Bird R450

8. The Power of Self-Care

Facilitator: Joanna Kleovoulou, Clinical Psychologist

Do you find yourself giving to everyone but feel depleted to give to yourself?

Sick and tired of being Tired, Unappreciated, Neglected?

When we practice the act of self-care, we are able to show up in the world as thriving, creative, loving and open to all around us. Your inspiration will be ignited, you will gain enthusiasm for your life again and you will have the energy to make a difference from a place of fullness.

In this workshop you will learn:

  • To De-mystify self-care as a selfish act
  • How serving others only ends up being at your own cost
  • The value of boundaries – to help you function at your optimal
  • How to teach others to treat you
  • To receive which has its own gifts
  • To recognise when you heading for burnout
  • To recognise your own light

This is a 2-hour workshop

R500 pp, Early Bird R450

9. Exam Stress: a Guide for your Child

Facilitator Joanna Kleovoulou, Clinical Psychologist

Many parents and teachers are at odds as to how best they can help their children and learners manage stress and do their best in exams in order to reach their full potential. It often is an overwhelming and daunting time for all.

In this workshop your child will gain skills to:

  • Improve focus
  • Create a physical space for learning
  • Dealing with stress
  • De-cluttering your and your child’s mind
  • Holistic sense of well-being
  • Parenting and teacher Tips

This is a 2-hour workshop.

R500 pp, Early Bird R450

10. Play Attention Information Session – Free Power Talks

Neuro–Edu-feedback (Play Attention) – facilitator Sandra Roberts

Play Attention teaches children the skills to survive and thrive in the classroom. It is a dynamic integrated learning system built on NASA-proven technology that allows a child to train their brain:

  • to gain focus
  • to improve concentration &
  • pay attention

it develops core skills like:

  • ignoring distractions
  • increasing memory
  • increasing organization
  • finishing tasks &
  • following instructions

To book your spot contact reception on info@psychmatters.co.za  or 0114503576

Venue: PsychMatters Family Therapy Centre, 9 Park Str, Bedfordview, Jhb

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